PES 2017

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Close control, you expect the talents and individuality stand out PES 2017 will provide us with the possibility to create realistic match atmosphere between them, as well as users. Criticisms and suggestions made to the old game, which will consider Konami will be encountered with a much more stable and successful structure.
The game field control structure that is already in the development of many new controls are added, offering more range of motion. With the improved response time, whether maneuvers easily in tight spaces with our players, we can surprise our opponents with sudden changes of direction.

PES 2017 will present a more realistic battles!
PES 2017 will calculate the interaction of players and match actual collisions in the upper segment and the size of the field to reflect different responses depending on the type. In this way, the production will have an extraordinary realism, we will offer a satisfying experience to the players.
Konami, the PES 2016 we were able to offer players a more realistic, but PES 2017, although many players will bring even more life to the style of their game at our fingertips. blended with special and outstanding talents of the players match tactical options to be transferred into the field.

New animation and effective images
You will see the shield soil particles from the floor are moving in the grass new construction in the players to grab the ball, which would make last year the game compared to three times more animation to host even the bounce of the drop in circumstances where the weather is rainy.
PES PES series as the first to be developed further in the new game dynamic weather added in 2016. The ability of players with lower than normal and extreme weather conditions that can control the way the ball on the ground more difficult and will have difficulty during the match.

PES 2017 will be released when? Will there be?
Konami will release a new game, of course into the market this year. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will celebrate its 21 years with the last member of the series PES PES 2017 will probably go on sale in mid-September. All of us can say already that he expects a great game.